Friday, September 4, 2009

Community Seeds FALL 2009 issue is HERE!!

The fall issue of Community Seeds Eco Magazine is here so check it out! There's a lot of great information and tips on how to be more Eco friendly. Best of all- IT'S FREE!!

You are definitely going to want to check out these helpful articles for more information: Reasons to go Green on page 12, What is Actually Recyclable on page 14, Going Solar on page 22, and Home-made Rain Barrel Systems on page 26.

You might also enjoy the article about Restored Clothing on page 30, how to get away closer to home with the Turtle Bay Exploration Park article on page 64, and the Gorgeously Green Diet Book review as well as some healthy, yummy recipes on pages 76 & 77.

There is so much more to look at so check it out at,

Here is some food for thought: According to, a local reusable bag manufacturer, each year the United States consumes 30 billion plastic and 10 billion paper grocery bags, requiring 14 million trees and 12 million barrels of oil. In addition, the average American uses 300 to 700 plastic bags per year. If everyone in the United States tied their annual consumption of plastic bags together in a giant chain, the chain would reach around the Earth 760 times! Those statistics are scary if you ask me, but it starts with you and your commitment to the environment around you...

So please remember when shopping to bring your reusable shopping bags because it starts with the little things that make the big difference! You are in charge of your future and the future of our earth.