Wednesday, April 14, 2010

C.S. Eco Non-Profit Foundation

The Community Seeds Foundation

With help from the North Valley Community Foundation, Community Seeds has set up The Community Seeds Foundation, dedicated to giving back to the community and world communities. As part of our commitment to promoting sustainability, we have vowed to donate to non-profits, charities, fund raisers, and events. We will also make a special section of the magazine where contributors to the foundation can share what they are doing to make a difference. Join us in promoting small changes to better the community and beyond!

You can donate to that foundation to help us support sustainability, community, and charity groups. We will publish your name in the magazine in a special section called, “Community Seeds Eco Magazine Gives back.” All donations are all tax deductable.

You can make a donation at any time. You can donate online at
Checks can be made out to The Community Seeds Foundation.
Mail to:
The Community Seeds Foundation
c/o the North Valley Community Foundation
3120 Cohasset Road, Suite 8
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 891-1150

Email us for information at
You may also leave a message at (530) 570-5581.

***Ad sales are not part of this program and are available for your advertising needs. Please see our media kit ( ) and contact us for ad sales.