Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Power Where you are

Mobile Solar Power Generator

Portable diesel generator using clean solar energy,combing mobility and environmentally friendly accessibility. Simple and realistic for any location. This structure is perfect for any site, and can be set up, and used by any single person. Pure Power solar systems use clean fuel each day with no enviromental impact- no noise, smell, or harsh effects from emission of diseal fuel. With the most trusted names in the industry, General Electric Polycrystalline panels, Xantrex inverters and charger controllers, Hawker/ Interstate industrial batteries are some of the leading names in energy.

Pure Power Vision

To provide and deliever to everyday people and businesses. Economically and enviromentally sensible alternatives to energy needs through a clean energy alternative.

for contact information go to : www.purepowered.com/contact

Its the small choices that we make daily that influence our world. Being sustainable isnt about buying the most organic products, or reducing your consumption of trash.. but its the thought process you go through. Think about how each decision you make and how you can change that choice into an eco-friendly option.

for more ideas on how to be Eco- concious in your community,

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